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Happiness is....Seeing smiling face of mother when you come back home, Having dinner at your favorite restaurant, Having a good friends, Having good deep conversation with best friend, Being at home while raining outside and reading good book and having tea, Getting a phone call from a person you love and smiling while seeing his/her name on mobile phone, Knowing that its Friday evening and you can watch TV till late night and no need to wake up early tomorrow and lot more....These are very small things, but makes us happy. Don't you agree ?

In happy state, you are calm, joyful and content from deep within yourself. If you are happy then it shows on your face and in your body language. You have more energy, and new vision to look at things. You feel more positive towards life. You love your life, family, friends more...

"Happiness is the state of being happy, content, cheerful"
Happiness starts with YOU. Only YOU are responsible for your own happiness. No other person ca…