Happiness is....Seeing smiling face of mother when you come back home, Having dinner at your favorite restaurant, Having a good friends, Having good deep conversation with best friend, Being at home while raining outside and reading good book and having tea, Getting a phone call from a person you love and smiling while seeing his/her name on mobile phone, Knowing that its Friday evening and you can watch TV till late night and no need to wake up early tomorrow and lot more....These are very small things, but makes us happy. Don't you agree ?

In happy state, you are calm, joyful and content from deep within yourself. If you are happy then it shows on your face and in your body language. You have more energy, and new vision to look at things. You feel more positive towards life. You love your life, family, friends more...

"Happiness is the state of being happy, content, cheerful"
Happiness starts with YOU. Only YOU are responsible for your own happiness. No other person ca…

Power Of Prayers

DisclaimerBy writing this article, I do not want to hurt the sentiments and beliefs of any person that are associated with their religion. This article is not written to promote any specific religion or to hurt any religion. The motive of this article is to justenlighten the power of prayer. I hope you can forgive me, in case I hurt someone's sentiments.
I remember the good old school days, when prayer used to be a daily routine in school. I used to love that routine. We all classmates have set different prayer for each day, that followed by chanting of some mantras. Once a week, there was assembly prayer session, where 2 or 3 classes are gathered at assembly hall for prayer. Ohh...I miss those days so much....Don't you miss yours school days?

We used to have such a peace of mind those days, that we managed to pray peacefully for 20 to 30 minutes. No worries of any other things, and just focus on only one thing. Now a days, we do not have time to do regular prayers. In case…

Forgiveness - Gift yourself a Peace of Mind

Forgiveness - Very difficult act, at the same time so simple one and will make your life easy and peaceful !!!

We all get hurt, some or the other way in life. It may be by someone we love or by someone whom we not like much. Once we get hurt, we reply back to that person instantly or many be when correct time comes. Till that correct time comes (or may be after that as well) we carry grudges and anger within our self for that person or for that incidence. Sometimes grudges are so deep, we can't let go of it. Unintentionally, we carry burden of hurt, grudges, anger, bitterness in our mind. Eventually, we end up carrying that person, in our mind for so long, and that too on cost of our peace of mind. If we continue doing that for so long, our mind get filled with negative thoughts and anger for that person. Sometimes, we become sad and depress. Moreover to it, our negative energy affect people around us and our surroundings as well, since we usually end up talking about it to every…

Think Positive...Be Positive...Live Positive...

"Achha Socho, Achha hi hoga" we all have heard this, mostly from our elders.

When I was in early teenage, I used to think, how is this possible ? How is my thinking going to effect on what will happen to me? I did not believe it. But later on I have experience this in my life. And it is true.

We get lots of thoughts in our mind in single day. Experts says it is between 50,000 - 70,000 thoughts per day, this means 35 to 48 thoughts per minute per person. Single negative thought have that much capacity to change your mood for rest of day, or may be till the time you do not decide to change your mood to pleasant again and move on to positive thought.

If we think positive thoughts or we are in sync with positive side of every thing, our mind is at peace and in happy state, and we feel pleasant and very happy for what we are and what we have. We tend to handle every situation patiently and peacefully. We all know that, peaceful mind can solve every problem easily. Once any negat…

Life is Beautiful !!!

Life is Beautiful !!! Life is Precious !!! Live it to Fullest !!!

We usually hear that. So what does it mean to live life to fullest ? I gave a thought on it. Does it mean that I can do what I want to do, whether it hurt some one else or not ? Or it means I live my life as it comes without any planning and enjoy the moment ? No...Not at All.

We always take life for granted. We hardly appreciate our life. We hardly appreciate what our life have given to us. Have we ever seated peacefully and appreciated the things that life has given us ? Very rarely...Right !!!

We should be thankful for what we have in our life. We are healthy today, we must be thankful for that. We are not alone, and have lovely family, we must be thankful for that. We have house, let it be small one, but we must be thankful that we have the one. We have our loving parents, they are ready to do anything for us, and they have actually did lot for us. We have lovely life partner, who is ready to stand by our side, in …